Conference Activities

Day 1: March 22,2012

Registration & Tea - 9:30 A.M - 10:00 A.M
Opening- Inagural session - 10:00 A.M - 12:30 A.M
Welcome note by Prof. Yogendra Yadava, Chairman, Language Technology Kendra
Talks (4 presentations) - Moderator: Mr. Kedar Sharma
Talk 1: (10:10 A.M - 10:40 A.M) - Mr. Mahabir Pun, E-Networking Research and Development (ENRD)
Connecting the villages of rural Nepal to the Internet through Nepal wireless Project - Experience, Challenges faced and Road ahead
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Talk 2: (10:40 A.M: 11:10 A.M) - Mr. Rabi Karmacharya, Open Learning Exchange (OLE)
Making teaching and learning a new founded passion - reflecting on the current status of deployment and use of e-pustakalaya, future plans.
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Tea break (11:10 A.M - 11:30 A.M)

Talk 3: (11:30 A.M - 12:00 P.M) -Prof. Patrick Hall, Language Technology Kendra
The technical debate on enabling the languages of Nepal Unicode compliant: From an outsider's perspectives-Issues, Challenges,Solutions.
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Talk 4: (12:00 P.M - 12:30 P.M) - Mr. Bal Krishna Bal, Kathmandu University
On Localization, Natural Language Processing Tools and Use models of Technology for increasing the use of ICT in rural Nepal.
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Lunch - 12:30 P.M - 13:30 P.M

Results Dissemination Workshop - 13:30 P.M - 15:10 P.M
Moderator: Mr. Kedar Sharma
Project Introduction, Design, Objectives - Mr. Bal Krishna Bal (13:30 P.M - 13:50 P.M)
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Ethnographic framework - observation parameters, social scientists' perspectives on the Project - Mr. Deepak Aryal and Shamik Mishra (13:50 P.M - 14:20 P.M)
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Technology Deployment and Use in the site - Manager's perspectives
Mr. Prakash Gurung, Head, Himalayan Milan Secondary School, Tangting, Kaski
(14:20 P.M - 14:35 P.M)

Technology Deployment and Use in the site- Trainer's perspectives
Mr. Sangam Bhusal, Teacher, Himalayan Milan Secondary School, Tangting, Kaski
(14:20 P.M - 14:35 P.M)

Technology Deployment and Use in the site - User's perspective
Amar Bika and Shristee Gurung, Students, Himalayan Milan Secondary School, Tangting, Kaski (14:50 P.M - 15:00 P.M)

Question Answering Session (15:00 P.M - 15:10 P.M)

Tea - 15:10 P.M - 15:30 P.M
Stories of Change (about 4 presentations) - 15:30 P.M - 16:20 P.M
Moderator: Mr. Rajendra Poudel
Technology Influences and the Stories of Change - Experiences sharing session, Meet the local heroes

Changes brought about by use of digital library in classroom teaching learning
Mr. Gokul Prasad Aryal, Head, Laxmi Ni Ma Vi, Hetauda, Makawanpur
(15:30 P.M - 15:40 P.M) Presentation Slide

Sharing the story of change
Mr. Kajiman Shrestha, Head, Keshavtar Higher Secondary School, Tanahun
(15:40 P.M - 15:50 P.M)

Reaping the benefits from ICT-integrated classes in shared-model environment
Mr. Laxmi Kanta Mishra, Head, Siddha Beni Ni Ma Vi, Belbas, Tanahun
(15:50 P.M - 16:00 P.M) Presentation Slide

The story of a mathematics teacher turned to computer operator
Mr. Narayan Adhikari, Himalaya Secondary School, Tolka, Kaski
(16:00 P.M - 16:20 P.M)