Why is LTK a non profit sharing company?

LTK is a non-profit sharing company because it does not share the benefits among the partners rather invests any income generated back to the company itself.

What does Language Technology cover?

Language Technology covers a wide range of technologies which enable the communication in languages using the former as a tool. Some of the examples of these technologies include – localized software interfaces, keyboard input software, spell checkers, dictionaries and thesauri, grammar checkers, machine translation systems, text-to-speech software etc.

What are the research areas of LTK?

Research areas of LTK are basically issues on Language Technologies. However, we are also open to other areas that our partners have expertise or experience working with. For example, Kathmandu University in computing and Tribhuvan University in linguistics.

What type of training does LTK offer?

LTK offers internships on Language Technologies and related areas to student interns for a period of up to 3 months. Besides, it also offers tutorials and training sessions about NepaLinux, Nepali Unicode, Translation toolkits, Nepali website design and similar  upon request and availability.

What type of software does LTK develop?

LTK develops software of social values and long term impacts like the machine translation software, spell checkers, text-to-speech etc. In principle, it does not develop business and administrative software like payroll, stock control, etc. But if there is a language aspect to it, like the electoral roll, LTK would be interested.

What resources does LTK have?

LTK ‘s resources can be broadly classified as the following:

Domain experts – NLP(Machine Translation, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics), Speech Technologies, Localization, Linguistics, Computational Linguistics

Applications and software: NepaLinux, Nepali Text-to-Speech, Spell checker for Nepali, Dobhase Machine Translation System, Nepali corpus –based Dictionary software etc.

Linguistic resources – Written corpora (monolingual, parallel), Speech corpora etc.

What are the unique features of LTK?

LTK is unique in the sense that it is a collaborative effort of researchers and practitioners both nationally and internationally in such a scale for the first time in the history of Nepal. The team members of LTK are already renowned for their contributions to the society in their respective fields. Most of all, it is a non profit sharing company working with a larger focus on language technologies.

What does LTK offer to universities and colleges?

LTK offers internship opportunities to university and college students.

What does LTK offer to researchers?

Researchers in addition to getting opportunities of internship are also made available the linguistic resources as well as experts’ advice and guidance in the relevant areas of research.
11. What Projects has LTK undertaken in the past?
With the establishment of LTK and formal agreements between MPP, TU (CDL) and KU(DoCSE) for the broader collaboration, the past works and achievements have been now transferred to LTK.  In this regard, some of the noteworthy projects are: