About Us

LTK stands for Language Technology Kendra, a non profit sharing company, which is a collaboration between three organizations – Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya(MPP), Tribhuvan University (TU), Central Department of Linguistics(CDL) and Kathmandu University(KU), Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DoCSE). The three organizations have been working together in several Language Technology Projects since 2004. The Projects include the PAN Localization Project (http://panl10n.net), a regional Project run across 11 countries and 23 partner institutions in South and South East Asia (2004-2010). MPP was the Nepal Country Component of this Project with the Information and Language Processing Research Lab (ILPRL), KU and E-Networking Research and Development (ENRD) as partners. Similarly, the Bhasha Sanchar Project (http://bhashasanchar.org), was led by MPP in collaboration with TU, CDL in Nepal. This Project also had multiple international partners on board like the Open University, UK, Lancaster University, UK, Goteborg University, Sweden, ELRA, France, as far as the Nepali partners were concerned. In a similar note, the English to Nepali Web based Machine Translation Project, Dobhase (http://nlp.ku.edu.np) was conducted by the Information and Language Processing Research Lab (ILPRL), KU jointly with MPP. Other Projects include the SAMBAD (http://sambad.org) Project which was undertaken by MPP.

Hence, it is through LTK that the past collaboration between these organizations have been formalized for further consolidation of efforts, expertise resources.