Nepali Spellchecker

How to use Nepali Spell Checker and Thesaurus in writer?

For using Nepali spell checker in, the Nepali dictionary files have to be integrated into OpenOfficeorg first. The following steps need to be perfomed in order to do so:

->Download the Nepali dictionary (.dic) and affix (.aff) files from

->Extract the files ne_NP.aff and ne_NP.dic and copy them to C:/Program Files/ 2.4/share/dict/ooo/ provided has been installed under the mentioned path

->Add the following line to the file C:/Program Files/ 2.4/share/dict/ooo/dictionary.lst DICT ne NP ne_NP

The next step is to install Nepali language locale, which can be found as an update for Windows XP Service Pack 2.

This can be downloaded from the given link 4ca0-bd47-b338e337a527&displaylang=en

Alternatively, the locale file can be downloaded directly from ffaa4059aacf/WindowsXP-KB897338-v3-x86-ENU.exe

After you have installed the Nepali Locale file, you would need to make the following system setting in your computer.
1. Go to Control Panel.

2. Double Click on the Regional and Language Options icon.

3. You will find Three Tabs (Regional Options, Language and Advanced) on the top.

4. Click on the “Language Tab”.

5. Click on the Details located at the middle-right hand side of this window.

6. You will find a new window with the title “Text Service and Input Languages”.

7. By default Setting Tab will open. You will find Add, Remove button at the middle right hand side of this window.

8. Click on Add button.

9. A new window will appear with Add Input Language as the window title.

10. Click on Input Language Combo box and select Nepali(Nepal) as Input Language.

11. Click on Keyboard Layout/IME and select Nepali Unicode(Romanized) for romanized and Nepali Unicode (Traditional) for traditional Keyboard layout.

12. Click on OK. If you need both of the layouts add both of them by following the same steps(1-9) as mentioned above.

13. Click on Apply and OK Button.

You can see a language bar at your desktop either at the bottom right of the Window or top-right of the Window.

To switch the Languages (Nepali and English), you would need to press Alt+Shift key and now you may start typing.

To check spelling in all languages, please make a following settings inside Writer as shown below.

1. Open OpenOffice.writer

2. Go to Tools menu

3. Choose Options sub menu

4. Find the Language Settings which is in the third position from the top in the tree menu.

5. Go to Options.

6. Tick on Check all languages.